Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Bunny sneezes

In 8-1/2 years of life with Bunya (and bunnies), I have never heard him sneeze. At first, I thought he might be choking, but he was very casual about it, seeming maybe a little annoyed and not stressed at all. (But just in case, read about the Bunny Heimlich here). 

Since he has been under the weather with a hairball blockage, anything out of the ordinary shaves years off my life expectancy. So here's about 35 seconds of a bunny sneezing. Yes, we will watch for repeat episodes to see if there is something else to worry about (and help the vet pay off any college loans). *sigh*


  1. Our bunny went through a period of allergies. She had to take a little bit of infant benadryl for a while. It was alarming but did pass with the seasons.

    Good luck, Bunya!

  2. Speedy sneeze sometimes just once or twice and then it stops ,only now then though,xx Rachel

  3. Lola sneezes every once in a while, too. I always watch to make sure that's all it is - but so far, so good.