Sunday, September 25, 2016

Hare Ball 2016

The annual GHRS Hare Ball fundraiser was held last night on, of course, International Rabbit Day. Here are some pictures from the event, with a little commentary here and there.


The Hare Ball Sponsors - Thank you to all!

Auction Items
(There were lots. Here are a few.)
We bid on this and were outmaneuvered by someone.
Checked that we were on the last line about
a minute or two before the auction ended.
Must have watched me walk away and
got in before time was called.
Well-played, whomever you are.

Bid on the bed too, but let it go
to focus on the big Oxbow basket o' goodies.

The cake

The cake was incredible, as usual.
Check out The Cake Hag.

Detail of the cake

The people

Held at Trees Atlanta's facility
(hence the art centerpiece to the room).
There was a separate room with all the silent auction items.
The wine draw was in another corner of this room,
managed by two very enthusiastic supporters.

This is a Hare Bun.
Loved it.

The Marquis de Lagomorph
who happened to win
the costume prize,
based on the attendees' popular vote.
One of the smoother elections in 2016.

Missed getting a picture of
the Poop Fairy with
her "crown"...
you know what bunny poops look like -
use your imagination.

Dante the Therapy Bunny
Check out Dante's Facebook page here.

This is one sweet, regal bunny

People came by to lower their blood pressure
via the head rub application.

Dante was in the center of the silent auction
room, to keep the peace.
This is one soft, calm rescued bun.
Now he does the rescuing.

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