Friday, November 18, 2016

Hay is a necessity for bunnies

Bunnies should have access to unlimited hay 24/7, along with clean fresh water. Primarily, Bunya and Ethel eat Timothy hay; we get the first and second cut from Small Pet Select. To change things up, we get them a variety of "treat" hays (but not alfalfa - they are way too old for that).

[Disclosure: Rabbit Ramblings, its bunnies and its humans have no ownership or financial interest in Small Pet Select.]

We just got a new cut of hay, Small Pet Select's "third cut". To see if the bunnies liked it, I put it in its own bowl. It was a bedtime treat.


What I found the next morning:

I formed a hypothesis that... just maybe, perhaps, it could be... they liked this new "flavor".

And to test this hypothesis, filled the bowl up again.
Then add bunnies. (Actually, they added themselves as soon as I put it down).

Of course, silly human that I am, I put the best pieces of hay in the bottom of the bowl, so they had to fluff it up to access those. (Will have to develop another study sometime, to see what makes that perfect piece of hay.)

Here's video of bunnies eating hay. Watch as much as you want - it doesn't change much:
select piece of hay, chew it, select another.

For more on bunny diet, see the post What is a treat?

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