Tuesday, December 20, 2016

GHRS Holiday Party

The Georgia House Rabbit Society holiday party in pictures. For more, see the GHRS Facebook page and the FB page of Bree the Bunny.

The mayhem of Hoppy Hour

There was a whole lotta' chinin' goin' on.
New acquaintances were made.
A brief scuffle or two if someone wanted to be alpha bun, but if they were persistent, they were put in an official time out.

Here are the cute bunnies...

These two beautiful bunnies imitated Lady & the Tramp, but over a dried kudzu leaf.

Cousins to a Tribble?

This scofflaw decided she would be a rebel and chew up the time out sign.

Some were relaxed enough to lay down.

One little bunny claimed a litter box for himself but was happy to share with and sniff the company that dropped by...

At one point, a LOT of company dropped in, including some hefty sized buns. Look closely to see him in the litter box - there are four bunnies inside it and he's the third from the left (or right, if you include the bun not in box).

Finally, some privacy away from the crushing crowds.

Other litter box friendships were established.

Some bunnies just wanted to be pet by the human bunny bouncers (Hoppy Hour Enforcers).


This big beautiful bunny parked herself to one side, under a chair and off the towels, rugs and mats that most of the bunnies played on.

There was cuteness everywhere you looked.

And GHRS gets the best Santa Paws to pose with the bunnies for Christmas pictures.

There was a Hop Shop for those last minute bunny gifts and even a vendor offering bunny box subscriptions, Rabbit's Paradise.
Sample holiday box

A grand time was had by all, bunnies and humans alike!

(You may think that was a lot of pictures - there are so many more cute bunnies, but I'll stop now.)


  1. LOL... that's my rabbit, Harmony, eating the sign. She really has a paper problem.

    1. It was very cute. Is that her doing the Lady & the Tramp imitation, too?