Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Bonus Funny Bunny Meme

Same thoughts when you give them medicine.

Meme says:
Phone charger cord?
Lamp cord?
Computer power cord?
Oh - chew the new coffee table legs?
Tunnel into the box spring -- and poop in it.
What the heck - I'll make it a To Do list...


  1. LOL! Ain't it the truth? Funny thing - Lola hated it, when we trimmed he nails, so once, after we did it, she started biting at our toes! It didn't take long (just a few yelps of pain...) before she would just aim for the nails. She'd sneak up & try to groom OURS! Within a week or so, we noticed she was chewing her own, too. We haven't had to trim her nails, since - she keeps them trimmed, herself - and very neatly, at that!

    1. Can you train Bunya & Ethel to do that?!?

    2. LOL! I wish - you could call me The Bunny Whisperer! Lola is just THAT determined to not be picked up - ever.