Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Ethel learns to take her meds

A leap forward in giving Ethel her meds!

Both Ethel and Bunya are on meds. Bunya takes his no problem.

Ethel still had to be picked up and "forced" to take the syringe of meds, although we did not have to burrito her. They each get a piece of their favorite treat (a Probios) after they take the medicine.

In this video (~15 seconds), she takes her meds and gets her treat without having to be picked up, just like Bunya!

Bunya ran into the kitchen to get his. The gate to the pen was open but Ethel took hers through the fence; she perceives it as extra protection against getting picked up. Most of the time, she follows Bunya into the kitchen.

Yay, Ethel!


  1. Good GIRL!!!! Yay! So much easier and pleasant/non-guilt-inducing than forcefeeding!