Thursday, August 17, 2017

Dried kudzu leaves snack time

Dried kudzu leaves snack time for Bunya and Ethel. I find bunnies chewing to be an amusing pastime.

At ~1m12s, Bunya finishes his, sees Ethel hasn't and tries to help himself to hers (part of his duties as alpha bun). Ethel doesn't want to play that game.

[Speakers on to hear bunny crunching.]


  1. Bwahahaha!!!! How do you not laugh out loud, when getting these two ones video, like this? Lola's bun-dad & I both started laughing, as soon as Bunya went over to 'offer assistance' with Ethel's leaf. When she assured him she was good, we both just busted up! Too sweet & funny...

    1. We smile at them, too, but try not to laugh so we can get pictures. We always root for Ethel because Bunya is so alpha.

  2. Lol! So do we! She's so little, next to him, too. I have to admit - we do miss some photo ops, because Lola cracks us up - then looks at us like, "WHAT????"

  3. ...snooze you loose.... :)) My bunnies are excellent food thiefs. It´s like watching a game of tag...