Tuesday, February 6, 2018

One evening on the sofa

Some evenings, the bunnies will get on the sofa to check if I am in a generous treat mood (or when it is very close to 9pm, when they get their favorite treat, a Probios).

Here, Bunya was in a generous loving mood and was grooming Ethel, which she LOVES. It's very cute as he works his way from her forehead to the tip of her ear. Most of the time, she's loving on him. So, Ethel, the hyperactive, ADD bunny, just can't accept the loving. She jumps off the sofa, runs around and springs back up for more.

For perspective, my recliner is beside the right end of the sofa and that's where I am sitting while the bunnies stare at me. The second time, Ethel hops off, runs around to my right, THUMPS because I am not dishing out treats, and hops back up to be with Bunya.

Here's the rough schedule:
16 seconds - Ethel hops off, runs around and jumps back up at 22 sec
At 35 sec, Ethel hops off again, runs to my right and THUMPS - you can hear it at about 40 sec. Then she levitates back up to the sofa.

She does this so much - comes for a treat, doesn't get treat, hops off, runs around, thumps, and hops back up to see if the displeasure she has expressed resulted in a treat.

Bunya does NOT move. He waits, he stares. Notice how the pillow is blocking the end of the sofa arm? That's because, if he wants a treat, he will STARE at me and bite the fabric on the arm. You can hear it crunch. If I move for a treat, he stops. If I don't, he keeps staring at me and takes another bite. Until a treat results.

Bunnies are so freaking smart - and have us so trained.

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