Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Bunya joined Lucy & Ethel today

Resources for pet loss
For Bunnies
Pet Loss Support for Your Rabbit
When A Rabbit Loses A Friend

For their humans
Tragic, Sudden, Unexpected: Grieving for Traumatic Pet Loss
Four Steps to Take After Experiencing Pet Loss
Pet Loss Support and Grief
Facebook group: Broken Hearts Bunny Loss Support 

Rainbow Bridge

If you have the means, we would appreciate if you would donate to GHRS in his memory. Here is the link to Bunya's Facebook post, with a Donate button.
If that does not work for you, try this link to GHRS.
If you would prefer to donate to your local rabbit rescue, that's all good, too. It helps bunnies.
#Donate #Adopt #Foster #Volunteer


  1. Oh no! It has been so close together with the losses.

  2. Oh, noooo... John and I are sitting here, weeping, with you. We are so deeply saddened his passing. You will both be in our prayers.
    I hope this won't mean the end of the Bunya blog, as it has been such an incredible voice for buns, everywhere. Your family have been an inspiration to us, and you've undoubtedly helped buns find their furever homes, saving the lives of countless hoomins, in the process. If you must discontinue, it would be understandable, but yet another deep loss to the bunny community. What a hard, harsh year it has been, for you...
    Binky on, Bunya, Ethel, and Lucy! Your footprints have made their marks in all our lives...

  3. Oh, we are so sorry. Bunya is getting a lot of love beamed to him. He was a great ambassador bunny. Thank you for letting all of us get to know him, Ethel, and Lucy. Sending healing thoughts your way.