Friday, April 8, 2011

Bunny Care - Top 5 Reasons to Shop at HRS

As you may know from earlier posts, we took the bunnies to HRS. Talk about a bunny-rich environment for "Bunny Things" pictures (see Rabbit Ramblings Bunny Things) ...

Ok, so it was easy pickings, but here's the point: If you are looking for something bunny-ish for your bunny friend, have you thought about looking in your local HRS shelter shop? Buy stuff there:
(1) You'll have lots of things "from which to choose" (I would say "to pick from", but my sister - not the "shopping" sister, another one - was an English teacher and although she has done other work for decades, the English teacher never retires. And my son is her grammer clone).
(2) You can find bunny necessities and fun stuff.
(3) You can ask bunny questions of the knowledgable volunteers.
(4) There are gifts for your bunnies - and your friends who are bunny-slaves.
(5) One of the best reasons: You will be helping save more bunnies.

BIG stuffed bunny

Bunnies love to chew on the natural wicker products
Just look at all these bunny treats!
This is what bunnies dream about most -
well, maybe second most

Bunny Toys and Bunny Ts

Bunny figurines
Bunny breed poster
Try to figure out what breed your bunny is -
or what combination of breeds    > : )

Bunny art
(I think I have one by this artist
that I got for my birthday last year,
from HRS)
And you can visit really cute bunnies!
Actually this was a boarder, Sammie
- yes, that's right, you can board your bunny while you are away -
who was incredibly cute and kept looking in on Bunya, Lucy and Ethel to say "hi"

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