Friday, April 22, 2011

Bunny care - What season is it?

Well, in Atlanta, this is the season that comes after winter. It is called summer.

Technically, it's spring but here, that's the same thing as summer. The only way you can tell or otherwise define a distinct spring here is because it's the 3 weeks that pollen covers EVERYTHING in Atlanta.

In an Atlanta spring, everyone drives yellow cars on yellow streets... you can't leave any windows open, car or home. If it rains (oh, yes, it rains ... like gather-some-friends-and-build-an-ark kind of rain), the rain water runs yellow.

It is also time for one of the bunnies seasonal sheddings. Off with the winter coats! We thought we had a fourth bunny for a while, until we realized it was just an accumulation in the corner of the room of shed hair that had formed like a tumbleweed. We need to give them fresh water a few times a day; it's easier than skimming shed hair off the bowl.

Bunnies have sensitive skin, so be mindful of it but do groom your bunnies. You don't want them to build up hair in their GI tract; that can lead to life threatening medical conditions. They can't regurgitate hairballs like cats. And if your bunnies love each other, they do a lot of group and personal grooming.

Here, Ethel starts to lick Bunya, so he hunkers down for some lovin', wiggling his tushy until he's worked himself flat to the floor. As usual, Ethel then gets distracted and starts to groom herself (hey, she has to look good for Bunya and Lucy - it's a good thing). Bunya waits patiently while she checks out this itch and that.

And then Ethel, the ADHD bunny, just hops away... ("Now, uh, what was I doing???")

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