Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bunny Sightings at Harrods in London

Like so many of the sights in London and Paris, you can't see them all in one day ... the British Museum, the Louvre. The same was true of Harrods, a store with everything you might want to purchase (as long as you have an American Express Black Card).

If you go to the store, be sure to get the map of it. Heck, get a guide.

Here are a couple of bunny sightings there...
That is one scary looking bunny.
I am calling it as a bunny and not a wolf,
because it seems to fit the British
Alice in Wonderland theme
and not Little Red Riding Hood.
Along the same Alice line, don't you love this tea?
Gorgeous fresh veggies -
not in the same department as the high fashion clothes, jewelry
or whatever else you might shop for there, but all in this one endless store.
The prepared foods weren't too shabby either.
Here, Bunya, Lucy & Ethel admire the veggies.
It's a Bunny Paradise (not a Coolio reference,
unless you want it to be).

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