Friday, May 13, 2011

White Rabbit makes appearance in Napoleon’s apartment - paparazzi snag photo

My wife travels for work (a lot) and this time, I went with her - this trip was to London and Paris. Since it was business, the time in each city was limited; I did not have enough time to do justice to these incredible cities.

While there, I did look for items of interest to Regular Rabbit Ramblings Readers ... translation: bunny things. It turns out the trip was a bunny rich environment, especially Paris.

Example: While there, we strolled through Napoleon III's "apartments" at the Lourve.
Parlez vous humma-humma?
(Apologies to Cheech & Chong)
Well, as we enter the tiny bedroom (so cramped in there that it might hold only a couple dozen of today's typical Paris apartments), we came upon a couple photographing a white stuffed bunny in there. Here's the story: His name is simply "White Rabbit" and he is from Disney Japan. His companion travels the world with him and captures his picture in many famous places.

White Rabbit and companion graciously agree to pose
for the Rambling Rabbit photographers.

This is one of the many bunny things we saw. More to follow.

Do you have any travel ritual? Any involving your pets?

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  1. There is a stuffed bunny - Audrey - that gets mailed from blogger to blogger and shows up on posts at each stop. Right now Audrey is MIA.