Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cute little bunny cup

We were seated at the sushi bar of the best sushi restaurant in Atlanta, enjoying incredible food (hey, I gave up meat over 17 years ago, but don't get between me and my sushi). I was in a state of culinary ecstasy, enjoying the aforementioned sushi when my wife elbowed me to look at something - right in front of my face (often where things I can't find are located). I looked up on the shelf, spotted the little toothpick holder and said, "I've got to get a picture for the Bunny Things page."

Bunny pottery from Japan (sans toothpicks)

I just think the few simple brush strokes of this are as sweet as little Ethel (who it kinda' resembles). Very Japanese. Something similar might make a cool logo for some bunny shelter out there.

Anyway, we were finally sated and about to head out when the chef/owner (a genuine Japanese gentleman, trained in his home country and blessedly transplanted to grace us fortunate sushi-lovers here in ATL) came out with a small package, the above-mentioned bunny pottery from his homeland (he knows about our bunnies). He is a too generous soul but it now graces my home and I treasure it.

And seriously, if you want pristine, delicious, world-class sushi and you happen to be here, go. We are not the only ones who say this ... plenty of magazine and newspaper chefs have reviewed this restaurant and feel the same way (well, except for that one sushi novice who, in her on-line anybody-can-write-a-review post, did not know that unagi is supposed to be served warm).

Is it just me or, if you like bunnies, does bunny stuff just seem to find you?

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