Sunday, February 19, 2012


The sound of my opening the treat jar is a call to arms for any bunnies within earshot. Bunya is so excited, he's trying to jump in and get his own. Lucy hangs back - she wants hers, but plays it safe just in case it's a trap to pick her up (mmmm ... could be ....). She is so nervous about that possibility that she drops the treat and then ducks in low to grab it.

Then Lucy runs off to eat it by herself. This behavior, however, was inspired by Bunya. If they eat in a group and Bunya finishes first, then he starts looking around to see from whose mouth he might snatch another morsel or if anybunny dropped some crumbs big enough to snack on. So, purely a smart defensive move by Lucy.

Pardon the shaky camera work (and I don't know why the first couple of seconds are green ... was  not that way before uploading). The camera was in one hand and the other was trying to break the treats into smaller pieces for distribution to the most anxious bunnies. This particular treat is Probios, which we get through GHRS. It helps keep their systems on track (or tract, as in digestive tract). It helps that they LOVE them.

Don't tell Mikey it's good for him.

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