Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Bunya gets his ears cleaned

When we first took our bonded trio to the vet, the doctor's exclamation was:
Wow, these bunnies must really love each other - I have never seen bunny ears this clean!

If you are a Regular Rabbit Ramblings Reader (RRRR or R4), then you know:
Bonded bunnies groom each other.
Bunya is alpha bunny (or so he considers himself).
Ethel is the most loving of our three and most likely to be grooming the other two.

Well, here, Ethel was indeed grooming Bunya and as part of this, his ears got a good cleaning. Of course, right after the camera was in position, she got a little ADHD distracted, but then she got back on track. Bunya waits patiently for her to continue and seems quite relaxed and happy with the process ... until Ethel hops away.

But, undeterred, he remains unmoving, just in case she changes her mind and comes back to continue. Or Lucy substitutes. Which is fine with him.


  1. hehehe Bunya is an easy bun to please,xx

  2. Umbra does a pretty good job cleaning her own ears for a single lady. I've seen her expertly use a single toe nail to scrape out any residue.