Sunday, August 25, 2013

Everybunny is a critic

We lost the carpet in most of the basement due to a flood. The bunnies seem to take an interest in the replacements under consideration ... perhaps as to taste and chew-ability.

But it is perplexing. What characteristics should bunny flooring have?
It absolutely needs to provide traction for the bunnies. Carpet is good for that.
It should be as unchewable as possible, like no loops to snag with tiny teeth (or nails). Bunnies can chew most anything.
What about carpet tiles? ... Figuring one of them will find a way to chew something; stock up some extras and maybe you can just replace the damaged one. Or do tiles provide too many potentially dig-able, chew-able edges?
Commercial carpet might work because it has a low pile.

An ongoing debate.
So, do bunny owners pick floor covering because it will look great?
Are you kidding? Bunnies rule our lives.
One of these days, you will see the decision in future pictures.


  1. I'm sure Bunya thinks he gets final say .. but is it Ethel or Lucy who really do? ;)

    I went with "as low pile and low maintenance and scotch guarded" for my condo. Of course, I've only ever had a pet cat in here, no rabbits yet. (I know, I know, what's wrong with me?! Perfectly good bunny slave, wasted on a cat!)

    1. "as low pile and low maintenance as possible and scotch guarded" even!

  2. yep low/short pile is the only way to go with bunnies and its ok Lorna I used to have cats too!xx Rachel