Sunday, May 29, 2016

Decatur Arts Festival Bunnies

Went to the Decatur Arts Festival, one of our favorite annual outings. Started to see bunny art and....

These artists have work that is other than bunnies, but in case you were not aware, this is a bunny blog. Thank you to these artists who allowed me to take pictures of their work. Their business cards are included below so if you like what you see, you can contact them and buy some bunnies! (Or check out their websites for other artworks).

We again saw John Hung Ha. We have seen him at prior art festivals (click this link to see some of his art) and I want to tell you a quick story. We purchased one of his pieces and he also kindly donated one of his pieces to the GHRS annual auction. Well, I started to really want the donated piece but did turn it over to GHRS to auction. I ended up in a bidding war over it. Bottom line: I did not get it but he helped a lot of bunnies with his generosity.

Today, there was a smaller version and now we have our own.

Forgot to take a picture this time,
so I hope this is still current.

Here's the picture of him from today, with more bunny art!
John Hung Ha

Incredible! The other statue next to it was a cat.
They looked like they were "high fiving".
Even got one of the
cards with a bunny.

There were even vendors selling bunny ice cream!

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  1. Saw a Blue Bunny commercial recently, and found that they need to get their bunny anatomy correct - the bunny in the commercial had pads on it's feet.