Saturday, December 18, 2010

How we ended up with 3 bunnies

My daughter brought home a bunny one day. She researched and found out that she wasn't allergic to them (and she is to cats and dogs). About 6 months later, she left for college. That was about 3 years ago. That's how we got Bunya (the brown one).

Reading about bunnies, I learned that they are social creatures. I already didn't like that he was alone while we were at work all day. So, we decided to adopt a rescue bun, Alice, for company. After months (very expensive ones at the end), she unbonded from Bunya and we feared for his safety.

So we returned Alice to the shelter and thebunnylady pulled a swift one on me and I went home with a "twofer", having exchanged one for two. That's how we got Lucy & Ethel (Lucy = black & white, Ethel = all white). The three of them have basically been together since the day after I brought them home. There was one night apart; the bonding was nothing. We love it. Bunya loves it - he started binking again shortly after the three of them got together; that was wonderful to see.

How they got into the "Togetherness" pose: One bunny comes over for a head skritch; I don't recall who was first. Well, then another one sees this and hops over for some similar loving. And, of course the third follows. So they all snuggled down next to each other, just as you see them, all getting their heads & ears rubbed at the same time, eyes closed, heads smashed flat to the floor. I added the slipper, my wife pulled away her petting hand and I shot the picture.
You can buy this picture on a mouse pad at Zazzle.  A portion of the proceeds benefit the Georgia House Rabbit Society, an all volunteer nonprofit that rescues and rehabilitates homeless, abandoned rabbits, and adopts them into loving permanent homes. Or you can just donate at  GHRS

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