Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bunny care - Chew-chew (not a train)

At an early age, Bunya tuned us into the fact that he would be an avid reader. It is not wise for bunnies to share space with your paperback book collection. Or hardbacks. Or coloring books.
Mmmm ... corners ... yum!

Take a hint: Bunny-proof the area the bunnies will inhabit; there are some resources in the links in the right-hand column.
Get all electric wires off the floor (they will disconnect your speakers from your stereo). And still, they will manage to find wires you have forgotten, so just buy some electrical tape now.
Cord = white. Bunny repairs = black.

Then, populate the area with stuff they can chew and tear and rip to their little hearts' content.
More on that another time (see Bunny care - The Cardboard Jungle and Bunny care - The Cardboard Jungle, Part 2).

What interesting or funny things have your pets chewed?

1 comment:

  1. My buns chewed the foot off of my daughters barbie doll. I had no idea they'd be able to chew through it!