Monday, June 20, 2011

Arrival at home from the HRS stay-cation

The bunnies seemed happy to be home, even though they did not eat their greens right away. They tentatively ran around the basement a little to see that stuff was where they had left it and then all settled in their pen, in different locations:
Ethel flopped under the "bridge" box.

Lucy went to her favorite hidey box, as usual.
You can read about this box here

Bunya, usually in a corner of the pen,
took to the box that supports the left side
of the bridge that Ethel went under.
The next morning, they all burst out of the pen and ran/jumped around. They descended upon their greens and pellets as usual, convinced that the car ride (to HRS) was a bad-batch-of-parsley induced dream and that they had never left home.

Lucy is still a little skittish about accepting treats, though (see what happened last time here).

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