Thursday, June 30, 2011

Can you ear me now?

Okay, granted, I am nuts about bunnies. I find bunny behavior and abilities funny, fascinating and amazing.

Lucy demonstrates one example in this video. Focus on her ears.

The independent control they display is ... well, all the things I said above. The black (left) ear, closest to the wall stays pretty stationary. Nothing going on there ... safe turf.

But the white (right) ear - that's another story! It has a mind of its own. That's the side the humans are on - the humans move around, enter and leave the room, take pictures, turn the TV on and off, sit and tap at the computer, or raise and lower the recliner.

Must be ever alert! The ear moves forward, backward - it rotates in place, turning to check out what's going on behind her.

This early warning system lets Lucy be all the skittish she can be.

What bunny behavior amazes you?

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