Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cardboard Playground - The Skylight Project

There's one particular box that all the bunnies have worked on. They'd jump on top and start chewing away at what they were standing on.

This is like the cartoons we used to watch as kids. Some poor character would be on the branch of a tree, sawing away at the branch at a point between him and the tree trunk.

If it was Yosemite Sam, the branch would fall. If it was Bugs Bunny, the tree would fall; Bugs and the branch would hang suspended in air.

So, we have been waiting to see what happens. The box used to be outside their pen (as in the video below). Now it is inside their pen and they have continued with their construction project.

In the video, Bunya is working on the skylight and Ethel is tearing apart the back wall. Lucy comes by to check out their progress near the end. We would hold our breath when Lucy jumped on what became a paper thin "roof" - she's the heaviest bunny - but we never saw anyone drop through.

Well, after months of group bunny activity, the box has a new look - split apart. When we clean the cage, we kind of push it all back together, because they still like to chew on it, get inside it and - amazingly - still jump on top of it.
The skylight project, as it stands today (but just barely).
If the box is still around, you can check it out on the BunCam (tab at top of page, under banner).

We don't know if we should get them a new one or leave that box in there for them.
They've worked so hard on it...

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  1. When we change out a box there is hell to pay, but they get over it!