Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bunny breakfast on the patio

The bunnies were getting a special breakfast that included carrot tops, another favorite. To make it even more special, they had it on their "patio".

Here's how you can tell everything is pretty much normal in this bunny household:
+ Bunya rushes out to the dish with the most greens and is scarfing it down so fast a high speed camera could not focus on the food under his nose as it waved around his face and disappeared into his mouth.
+ Ethel is nowhere to be seen, happy to explore the room and get around to the food when she gets around to the food (think of the circuituitous routes of Jeffy in Family Circus).
+ Lucy hovers back, close to the pen gate, poised to bolt inside, giving you "the eye" ... just in case you should want to attempt to pick her up.

Yep, it's all good today here at Bunya Estates.

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