Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pop goes the bunny!

Lucy was playing in this box she loves, that our daughter made. It has different levels and a few ways in and out. In the video that was cut (yes, I actually do edit these into smaller clips), you can hear her scratching and tearing the cardboard (in this clip, you can see her chewing it when she surfaces).

We think the bunnies know their names. They definitely know when they are getting a treat.

When you call Lucy, she first has to scope you out to make sure you do not look like you have "intent to pick up bunny".


  1. First of all - OHMYGOODNESS this is adorable. Love when she pokes her head out the first time and then hops the second.
    Secondly, great job editing this video! You can't tell it was cut at all!