Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bunya takes his medicine

It's bad enough when your pets get sick. It becomes a pain when they hate their medicine.

When we first got Bunya, he had to take some oral medication. As he figured out each way we tried to give it to him, he would give us a "Yuck!" reaction and we would have to think of something else. Our imaginations ran out about the same time as that medicine, so we were lucky. I think our last effort involved disguising the dosing syringe inside a rolled up piece of lettuce, like a burrito; when he'd go to take the first bite off of the end, we'd squirt the medicine in his mouth.

So while we weren't happy he was under the weather recently, we were very happy that he liked his medicine. It made life a lot easier on everybody.

He liked it so much, that he would come to get it. Even though the gate was open, the shortest distance between a bunny and his "treat" is a straight line, so here he tried to squish his face through to get it - and he did.

I think it appealed to his inner Alpha bunny - he thought he was getting a treat no one else did.

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