Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bunny buttheads

The usual evening. Looked in their pen and spied the bunnies butting heads. This behavior means "Who is going to lick me?"

No ones wants to be the first to yield in this battle of the hard heads. Or maybe soft heads. Soft, fuzzy heads.

So they all smash their heads flat to the floor and puuuuuuush...

Lucy slides her head under Bunya's chin - Groom me!

Bunya tries to parry with a reverse chin thrust

The heaviest and a fan of all-star wrestling,
Lucy powers her way between the two
so she is evenly placed should either of the others start to groom

Finally, Lucy just flops through the other two, but no one has yet conceded to be the first to groom, only be groomed.


  1. What's to be said? Time Out? Go to neutral corners? MOM!

    1. How about: Children, play nice! Take turns.