Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Suspicion, thy name is Lucy

One of Lucy's tricks to avoid being picked up is to run into their pen where there are usually lots of boxes and tunnels for her to hide in, and to dart to another when we pick up one.

That was a boo-boo on her part the other morning. We had already taken everything out of their pen to clean it when she darted in. We shut the door. Lucy ran my wife around in dizzying speedy circles, but eventually got picked up ... groomed ... got her weekly health examination ...  then mesmerized against her will, but at least she relaxed ... and it was all topped off with a papaya treat.

What are you looking at?
I've been groomed - you are not picking me up again!


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  1. I would not be suggesting anybody mess with that Dutchie right there for a while - maybe 2, 3 days easy. You have been warned!

  2. @RabbitsGuy: You are absolutely right. It's been almost a week and she still will only take a treat if you stretch your arm out to the maximum distance and have the treat in the tips of your fingers - so she knows you can't pick her up. Before that, we had to toss it to her because she wouldn't even come that close.