Monday, January 23, 2012

Bunny pistol?

My son got me into Pawn Stars on the History channel. In the 12-05-2011 episode, Blaze of Glory, a lady walked in with "the world's smallest pistol", made in Austria. On one side was a deer profile, but in one quick picture of the pistol, they showed the decoration on the other side - a bunny.

Detail of bunny decoration on handle of tiny pistol

You know, it's small enough that it could be used by bunnies in their plot to overthrow their status as prey.
Just sayin' ...

No other real comment here, other than it will be posted on the Bunny Things page.
We just report 'em where we find 'em.


  1. Omg my darling husband is obsessed with this programme... I feel like I've seen every episode, but clearly missed this.

    The buns don't need a pistol to wreak their havoc: they just have those cute "are you leaving me mama?" eyes to turn all hand too mush!

    1. Absolutely agree! No matter how good a human slave I try to be, I feel like it's not good enough. (Felt the same way about the kids)