Friday, July 27, 2012

Ethel's NASbunny

Like Lucy's recent spin around the pen, this one is on the short side.

Here's a brief index:
Ethel starts in the back left corner, looking in their big white tube.
Ethel NASbunny (with binkies) - ends up to right of cardboard tunnel.
Enters tunnel from rear and sneaks up on Bunya (about 15 seconds in).
Second quick NASbunny (you can almost hear the screech of the brakes) ...
Bunya is left looking down the tube after her ("Duh, where did she go?").
About 27 seconds in, Bunya periscopes and looks around like,
"Did anyone get the license number of that bunny?"
Then he turns around, sees Ethel and hops over to give her some loving.

After a few seconds of that, Bunya gives the patented bunny ear/head shake (with very tiny piece of the "Hi, ho, Silver!" rearing), and hops over to see what Lucy has found to eat.
And as skittish as Lucy can be, she just sat there and leisurely munched hay while enjoying the floor show. Only subtle ear movements disclose her interest in the antics.

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