Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A new bunny box

After our most recent Costco shopping excursion, we had an interesting box, so I thought I'd let them explore it. It was a prefab cozy little bunny bungalow. 

Ethel likes the view from the top ... most always.

She is very thorough, checking it from all sides.
(I won't bore you with the other two views.)
Bunya watches to make sure she's safe.

Lucy is checking inside, to make sure
she can't be "boxed in" and picked up.

Periscoping to check out the roof .. can it hold her heft?
(Little tufts of hare hair hanging from her behind ...
attempted grooming discussed in earlier post.)

The box only had one opening. Being a prey animal, bunnies are predisposed to a minimum of two openings to allow for ingress and egress. I can understand that. A pocket knife can remedy this situation.

Update: The girls, in a joint effort, flipped the box. Bunya promptly hopped in and started tearing up the new "floor", formerly a ceiling.


  1. Bunnies for Barack!
    I've started a new blog.
    Send in your pictures.

  2. I gave Jasper a similar box for his pen, but I forgot to put an escape hatch in it. Will have to do that when I get home tonight.