Friday, July 20, 2012

Lucy demonstrates bunny boxing

Cue up "Eye of the Tiger" and the Rocky montage ...

Lucy decided it was time to take it to the Slinky again. The Slinky is now an integral part of their pen, unless they find some bolt cutters. This was due in no small part to Lucy's efforts as she positioned herself outside the pen one day and tried to pull it through the bottom of the fence. It has been hanging right there ever since.

At the end, Lucy periscopes. Sometimes, it is amazing to us how far she can include a forward extension while she is still periscoping.

Probably her low center of gravity (translation: big Dutch butt - but please don't tell her I said so).


  1. *Ahem* Poor abused Lucy! Not only having to deal with an enemy slinky who infiltrates her territory but a disrespectful hoomom who calls her butt big!

    Pootie in her general direction, Lucy! Show her you're a full fledged member of the Dutch Mafia and you don't have to take that sort of attitude!

  2. there be trouble ahead,lucy will be getting that crazy eyed look in a minute