Thursday, April 17, 2014

At the bunny rescue shelter

The bunnies were due for their mani-pedis and so we rode to the GHRS shelter.

While there, we checked out the adoptable bunnies (including some bonded pairs). The pictures below are just some of the bunnies housed at the shelter; even more are cared for in a foster home network. Lucy & Ethel were adopted from GHRS.

Please adopt, don't shop.

Lucy & Ethel anxiously wait their turns
while Bunya gets trimmed.

Ethel's turn!


  1. They are all adorable, but who is that delightfully scruffy bunny (lionhead?) in the middle??

    1. Actually, I think thebunnylady (who was there when we stopped by) said that it was an Angora who had just been trimmed. It is one of the many GHRS adoptable rescued bunnies.

  2. So Adorable,hope the get homes soon,xx Rachel