Friday, April 25, 2014

More bunny things

Have you visited the Bunny Things page? Been collecting and adding these pictures for years now. If you need ideas for bunny gifts (for humans) or just want to see what things can be made with a bunny theme (or everyday objects that we think look like a bunny), check it out. Here are the latest:

Our very sweet neighbors returned from a trip
to New Mexico and brought us some local art.
In case you can't tell,
they are aware of our bunny obsession.
(Source is at right)

Dr. Mrs. Bunnymom ("DMB") found this treat for me.
The wrapper has lasted a lot longer than the delicious contents.
(For HUMAN consumption - NOT bunnies.)

Centerpiece spotted by DMB
(Source is at right)

Spotted by DMB on a business trip
in a DC Papyrus
Have bunny fun!

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