Monday, April 28, 2014

Bunny Monday Meme*day

Very cute bunny, too!

P.S. As I look past the "funny" aspect of this picture, I now notice a few things:
(1) That cage is way too small a space for the rabbit to live in, even if allowed time out of it to exercise.
(2) You should provide clean fresh water for the rabbit 24/7 in a heavy crock type bowl they can not overturn, not via a drip bottle as shown in the picture.
(3) It is possible to bond bunnies with other pets but if they are not bonded, they should be well-separated because bunnies can be scared to death or hurt themselves from fear of a nearby predator.
(4) There does not appear to be any hay in the picture and clean fresh hay should also always be available to bunnies; it is 80+% of their diet.

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