Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Bunmuda Triangle

As usual, the pen gate was open but all the buns were hanging out inside. Bunya was a "bunny loaf", as we refer to it, against one back wall; he was just quietly surveying his domain.

Then Lucy hopped over next to him and flopped over (it was so funny/cute - wish I had video!). Lucy twisted herself to lay her head next to Bunya's.

Then Ethel wanted in on the action, so she flopped next to them so her head was next to theirs, on the other side of Bunya.

No fool, Bunya just snuggled his head down into this fuzzy warm love.

The Bunmuda Triangle
 Of course, this does not mean Bunya wouldn't chase their butts away if treats were being offered.
Ever alert to the possibilty of treats, Bunya thinks he might get there first, leaving the other two snoozing.

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  1. While they do look cute, there is some no-good a'brewin' - ya think?