Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bunny Care - the Bunny Burrito, home version

Ah, much better...
Alice demonstrated the bunny burrito at the vet's office here.

*Ahem!* The ears, the ears!

Now the home game is played by Ethel.

Now, you trapped me, you tricked me ... let's get this over with, lady.

*Mmggmmff* Don't know how, don't know when - but I will get even with you.
Actually, Ethel is pretty sweet about the whole thing and seems to be very forgiving. It helps that the 10 days of gluey stuff is done and there's only one med left. And my wife of the medical training accomplishes it all with much greater facility than I can muster.


  1. Looks like excellent technique with a minimum of despair from either participant! Good going!

  2. Yuk! Burritos are for Chi Hua Huas...

  3. --> Rabbits' Guy: Yeah, minimum as long as she does it; reduces my stress significantly.
    --> zoeybunn: Cannoli? Blintz? Moo shu?