Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bunny Care – Ethel is back!

For the backstory links, see Obstruction of justice and Ethel at the vet
Ethel still has to take medicine. We have to make sure she is eating hay, drinking water and, of course, pooping.

If you are a Regular Rabbit Ramblings Reader (“RRRR”), you will know that we are concerned about the bunnies’ reunion (see Alice got adopted). Ethel had been gone about 5 days.

At first, my wife put Ethel on the ground and let Bunya and Lucy come up to her. Nothing much. I then realized her head smelled medicinal. So we brushed a little eau de pineapple juice on her forehead to take it away and give her that mysterious, fruity allure. And we gave some small pieces of pineapple to Bunya; Lucy, too, but she didn’t eat any, which suited Bunya just fine.

Ethel tentatively explored the room she’s lived in for about 6 months and began “chinning” things. She hopped on top of one of the igloos, then off and into it. Into and out of the hay/litter boxes. Lucy gave her short chases, but nothing malicious and she gave up quickly … I think Lucy was trying to figure out if this was her little sister, who had disappeared one morning without explanation.
Ethel was anxious to see what progress had been made on the skylight project.
Fortunately, she was not the one to fall through first; as the lightest bun, that would define irony.
Bunya pretty much stood off to the side and wandered around doing his own thing. He was happy to be home, too. Earlier in the day, he had taken a trip to a pet store’s Rabbit Rally. We handed out some bunny care and HRS literature. But he had to stay in a small cage and there were too many barking dogs; still, he was a good sport and was pet by many (he’s realllllly soft). However, all in all, he’s about as happy about a car ride as I am about a root canal.

After a while, Bunya started to get closer to Ethel. There was a little chasing here, too. Eventually, they got closer and Bunya gave Ethel some licks. A little chasing, but short bursts, not serious. Then a few more licks by one or another. Eating hay together. At one point, Bunya wanted to foist his affections upon Ethel, which she was having none of. She deftly jumped away, even if one foot did dunk in the water bowl. At least she got some water when she groomed it off herself.
Ethel gets dried off after stepping in the water bowl.

Bunya deigns to give Ethel licks from on high.
Now, as I look behind me, Ethel is grooming Bunya and his head is smushed flat to the floor, eyes closed. Things are returning to normal, thank heavens. We’ll have to Dippity-Do Bunya so his hair doesn’t clog Ethel anymore.

As long as Ethel keeps getting better, I think everything is going to be fine.

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