Thursday, February 24, 2011

SHOUT OUT - To my fans at UNC's Sigma Rho Lambda Sorority!

Thank you, Ladies. Ahhhhh, thank you very much.

What's all that funny writing? Oh well, I can't read Greek.
Think you can work up a crest with a bunny? Much more peaceful.
Just found out I got fans! College educated fans! My own beeps (that's bunny peeps). They put me on FaceBook and visited me on BunSpace! I wish I had a million more just like ya'! You are welcome to come flop in my basement with me and Lucy & Ethel anytime you're in ATL. We've got plenty of hay to share (just stay away from the treat jar - fanhood will take you only so far).

So, this Shout-Out goes to my fan base at UNC: Rachel, Sarah C., Lauren, Sarah B., Kayla, Lindsay, Samantha, Jillian and Erica. Thank you all!

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