Friday, July 1, 2011

Field of Greens

If you build it, they will nom...
(Not a movie reference, unless you want it to be.)

Come on in - the hay is fine!
One idea to help meet the bunnies need to dig was suggested: a big container of just hay. I looked for a small hard plastic child's wading pool (harder to find than you'd think, especially during summer and as hot as it is here); most seem to be blow up pools. Couldn't find any sandboxes I was especially excited about either.

So the picture above is what the bunnies now have as their "hay pool". No floaties needed.

It is the bottom part of an "under-the-bed" storage container. The side is see-through and not too high, so they have no problem jumping in and out. There's room for everyone, if I don't try to climb in. It has an assortment of fresh hay in it. They seem happy to have someplace else to explore, dig and eat.

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Can you share any suggestions for things that will occupy bunny recreation time ... things that they like to chew, dig in or play with? (That they are allowed to - no comments suggesting electric cords; we all know they love those.)

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