Saturday, July 30, 2011

No bunnies were harmed...

... in the writing of this post. Another episode without any pictures of what happened in the moment, so we must present you with a reenactment.

Mom gave us a recliner she wasn't using and we put it with the bunnies so we'd have someplace comfortable to sit when we are keeping the bunnies company.

What we didn't know was about "the gap" that materializes behind the chair when it is fully reclined in the "lay flat" position.
Exhibit A, said gap
It has been a long time since anybunny has done this (with a prior recliner), but they would occasionally go under the chair via the elevated foot rest. Bunya liked to find a piece of wood to gnaw on and I could feel him doing it on my bottom.

So this may be a bunny care point:
If you have a recliner in an area where your bunnies roam, NEVER just snap down the foot rest until you have laid eyes on your bunnies and know they are not under the chair. We live by this rule.

Sooo ... I felt something like one of the bunnies was under the chair and tried to locate them. Found Bunya and Lucy, but no Ethel. It seems that when I was fully reclined reading my book, Ethel found this "tunnel" irresistible. Can't really blame her.

When I can't find somebunny, I do not close the foot rest. I got up from the chair; it's awkward, but can be done. Then I looked around for the missing bunny, Ethel, and couldn't find her. Even carefully lifted up the chair.

Then this is what I saw...
Can you see the bulge in the back of the chair?
The "bulge", who we will call "Ethel",
was moving back and forth from side to side inside the chair back.
(Remember this is just a reenactment, and by that
I mean we didn't put her back in there.)
I was waiting for Alien to burst forth from this pacing bulge. After my initial panic, I figured out that she must have entered a space when I was fully reclined and repositioned the chair accordingly.

It took Ethel a few moments to collect herself, but then she emerged from the temporary tunnel.

Usually, it's Lucy who's the chief mischief maker.



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