Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Thump" caught on video

As recapped in the right-hand column definitions:
Thump – The noise a bunny makes by cocking its back leg and letting it pound the floor. It might be scared or angry (you sneezed too loud – bunnies do not like loud). Or it might be happy (Oh boy, our human is going towards the treat jar!).

As amusing as I find my bunnies, I try to keep a camera on hand to catch when they are behaving in their funny bunny manner (I know, this really surprises you). Sometimes, I catch something I was not expecting and this was one of those times.

The bunnies were exploring a new newspaper box. After Ethel hops out, Lucy will come back to the box and face left. Watch her back foot; her little white sock makes it easier to see. (Turn your sound on.)

We have had a sneezing "fit", you know ... 3-4-5 sneezes in a row ... and Lucy used to thump loudly after each one. (She is more used to them now and will wait until we finish before giving one loud thump; we choose to believe she is saying "bless you" ... better than what she is probably really thinking.) We even knew to expect the "post-sneeze thump" syndrome, but we've never really seen a thump before. We are always amazed at how loud any of them can thump; how loud it is to you depends on how high you have your speaker volume, but trust me, they thump LOUD.

I don't know the reason for this thump: fear/warning or excited/pleasure. But it was fun to watch the video later and realize it was "caught on tape".

Bunya family thump trivia - frequency of thumping, most to least:
Lucy, Ethel, Bunya

If Lucy had been a boy, a good name for "him" would have been Donald Thump.

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