Sunday, July 24, 2011


The many powers of SuperBunya!
Here, Bunya uses his super camouflage powers
to blend into the fireplace bricks.
You may not be able to see him in this picture.
Bunya is a competitive Xtreme napper
Here, Bunya combines skills:
Camouflage and power napping.
Notice how he cleverly blends his white back foot with the grout
to maximize stealth. No ordinary bunny!
Can remain motionless for 30-40 minutes,
even with someone skritching his head

Like Mr. Fantastic, he can compress himself
into the shape of a square bottomed treat jar
(explained here)
Bunya shops only for the freshest greens
(using coupons whenever he can)
Bunya stands for treats, fruits and the American way!
He can also body slam anybunny who gets between him and a treat.
Fear his skills! Do not mess with this bunny.

How is your pet a "super" pet?


  1. We stand in awe of the mighty BunyA! Waiting for the movie.

  2. @Rabbits' Guy - We are waiting for a call from Spielberg. Any day now.