Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bunny care - Exploring the new tunnel

I worry about the bunnies being entertained.
Really, about having enough around to keep them active, interested, playful and healthy. Picked up this cardboard tunnel at the local chapter of the HRS. I would say the bunnies find it entertaining. At a minimum, it's something else they can chew on that we don't get upset about.

In this video, you see one go in and another exit at the opposite end. Maybe all three were in there at the same time? Bunya tries to make a U-turn at one point ... obviously not having grasped that he used to be younger - and smaller.

I was going to try to edit this clip to just when they went in and out, or periscoped to chew on it (actually, it is edited ... I won't tell you how long the original was). But that would have made it very choppy and I think you get a better idea of the bunny flow without my "jumpy" edits (that's a bunny pun).

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