Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lucy & Bunya, sittin' in a tree...

Well, actually, sittin' on the fireplace.

It's one of Lucy's favorite hangout spots anyway and we were cleaning their pen. The other "always-happens" when we clean is that Lucy will try to scale Mt. Tube. We lean their tube tunnel from their pen on the fireplace while we clean. Lucy gets at the bottom and tries to climb up the tube.

This is made near impossible by several facts: the tube is very slick, she has very fuzzy feet and Lucy is bottom heavy (it's okay, she knows it and she is a gorgeous bunny). Mostly what we see and hear is her butt sticking out of the tube and her nails clacking on the tube at high speed as she tries to race to the summit, while standing in place. At least it's good exercise.

After her workout, she settles on the fireplace to cool down. Bunya joined her to snuggle and she must have started to groom him, because he settled into his smashed flat, patiently waiting Zen position (that's the end of above referenced white tube, resting on the fireplace in front of Bunya). When Lucy sees us with the camera, she gets bashful and stops licking him.

Sorry, Bunya.
There'll be more later.

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