Friday, August 26, 2011

Yeah, we have a lot of cardboard boxes ... so what?

It was clean the bunnies' pen day and that means vacuuming the carpet, too. So we stacked their hidey box collection on the coffee table. As you can see from the clean pen in the background, this tower does not include the boxes in their pen (or their new Hopper Hideaway).

Opening soon: Bunny high-rise condos.
It became surprisingly easy to navigate around the room. The box in the upper left corner is one of their favorites but it has seen better days (as related in prior posts: Cardboard Jungle, Part 2, Skylight Project, and Ethel is back). We rearranged the pen and got rid of it the day this picture was taken.

At least the bunnies are easy to shop for ... you just have to find the right boxes when you check out at Costco. I think that is where that box came from and we will have to look for another. They really loved it.

But they have fun with all their boxes, jumping in one door or window and popping out of another. Or just hiding inside. Often, we can hear them tearing up the cardboard inside a box or see them nibbling on a shutter.

With so many boxes, you just don't know where everyone is.
Until they hear the top of the treat jar opening...
and then they are all at your feet.


  1. Reminds me of the cat houses on the jetty at Gold Beach, Oregon!!!

  2. Well, Rabbits' Guy, I learned about something new. While I suspected your comment was G (or PG) rated, I Googled it to make sure. Cute story and images resulted.