Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Bunmuda Triangle revisited

The bunnies frequently form one of their patented triangle arrangements. I guess you have to be creative when there are three bonded bunnies instead of just two. I wish I had pictures of half the threesome positions I've seen, but the usual things get in the way...

They are usually in their pen, even with the gate open, when they assume formation.
If Bunya thinks you might be getting them (well, really, him) a treat, he breaks formation.
Lucy gives you her wild-eyed stare and is ready to bolt in a heartbeat. Faster, actually.
Ethel is okay unless you make a noise, like a cough; then she jumps into the "What was that?!?" on-guard stance, perched to zoom away.

So the first pictures were through the fence (remember, in case they move before getting an obstacle-free picture); they were all pretty awful and blurry.

They did not move (much) for the aerial "down" shot:

And actually pretty much stayed in position for this picture (although Bunya did lift up his head and Ethel opened her eyes):

I can't recall ever seeing Lucy with her eyes closed.
It's aways that paranoid-schizophrenic look.
Alternative earlier version of Bunmuda Triangle is here.

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