Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bunya - going to the source for treats

It amazes me how little noise it takes for the bunnies to realize you have picked up a baggie with treats.

And who seems to have the best hearing when it comes to treats? - The Bunya. This is a bunny who burns no calorie carelessly. His biggest disappointments come when the bag he hears is for a human. But then he runs over so fast, and the girls follow him so excitedly, that you end up giving them a treat from their stash anyway.

Bunya was here for a while before he bonded with the dynamic duo and is much more comfortable around humans. So here's what he'll do that they won't - jump on the human (who's laying on the sofa) to get to the treats first and to get more of the treats.

This is what you call an "extreme" close-up.
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