Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You there, Masseuse - Head & ear rubs for 2 bunnies, please!

Bunya will often pancake himself near me for a head rub. Within reach, but not conveniently located.

Sometimes, a curious bunny will snuggle alongside and participate, most often Ethel. That's what happened here. About the first half of the video was cut, so it's only obnoxiously long but not considered torture under the Geneva convention (they may reconsider).

Anyway, as it starts, they are already in position, enjoying their massage. About 20 seconds in, I stop momentarily to get a better picture of them - and they don't move. Near the end, Ethel gets up to shake off but Bunya stays for more.

I think this is a way for them not to have to juggle for position as to who will groom who. They can each imagine him or herself as the dominant bunny and still snuggle with each other.

I don't mind rubbing his little keppe* at all -  I love it - I just wish he were a little more geographically desirable so I didn't always have to stretch and twist like a pretzel to reach him.

* head

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