Friday, November 4, 2011

Bunny care - Poopy Butt

Bunya's backside wasn't looking so great. This hare's hair was a mess.

Basically, to try to address the problem, you dial back on the veggies and bulk up on the hay and (hay) pellets. If it persists, take them to the vet. Bunya had some medicine prescribed.

We also had to clean his bottom (one held, one cleaned). This is the look he gave us...

Whoa! Whatcha' doin' down there?
Inappropriate touch! Inappropriate touch!
We gave him a few treats for his reluctant compliance. He still flicked us off all the way back to his pen.

You can read about "PB" on the GHRS site and elsewhere; several sites also address how to wash a bunny's derriere. (These links are specific pages within the sites listed in the right-hand column under Rabbit Resources.)

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